Monday, August 18, 2008

I made it!

So after a nightmare or two about the first day of school, I was finally ready for the real thing. My first real day of teaching ever! It actually went really well, the kids are so amazing. I honestly love them already. Several people have been bugging me to blog again, but my mind has been a little busy with school and other wonderful things. So for now just know that I made it! I'm ready for more amazing days and many great stories to share with you.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Perfect Ending

So my summer is now officially over, but I ended it with style! It has been an amazing weekend, if all weekends could be like unto this one the grasps of boredom would be destroyed forever.

It began Friday when my good friend Sarah and I went and worked in my classroom. It is really starting to look good and come together. Having help was such a blessing, not to mention a lot more fun than doing it by myself. Later that day we had a ward activity where we got to go bowling for two hours and then eat pizza and ice cream. Three of my favorite things all in one activity! I am sure right now you are saying, Wow! What an amazing day, you spent time with Sarah designing a dazzling dream room, then got to go bowling, and eat pizza and ice cream. How could your day have been any better? Well it did! After the activity a group of us went and played capture the flag and had a blast.

Saturday we had a Stake activity where breakfast was provided, I know... two meals in a row that I got for free. Sorry if you are jealous. At the activity we got to create something with the cans we brought for the food drive. We created the great wall of China and the Olympic village with our food donations. It was really something special. After that Trisha, Elyse and I ran away from the wild world of Provo. Our adventure began at Wal-Mart, led us to Freedom Elementary, continued on to Salt Lake where we watched the Joseph Smith movie, ran around temple square, ate dinner, and then explored the great gateway mall. On our way home we were able to watch two firework shows along with a great lightning show. We ended our night with milkshakes from the malt shop. Wow, what a day!

The fun didn’t stop on Saturday though, we woke up at 8:00 to watch the USA vs. China basketball game (which didn't start until 9:00) and enjoyed a great soccer game while we waited for that. USA won and it was an amazing game to watch. Church was great, I was able to eat dinner and spend some time with my family and now I am about to go and have even more fun. Life is good, so was this summer, and especially this weekend. Did I say life is good?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Want to Fall in love

So love has been in the air lately, it's my roommate’s air, but at least I get to breathe in that same air sometimes. It is always nice to see someone really happy and to have things work out. Sometimes when people ask me why I don't go out much I give them this response; every relationship fails except for your last one, then statistically half of those fail as well. I don't really feel this way, but it seems to get people to leave me alone for a little while. In all reality, I want to fall in love! (Promise not to tell!) Beneath this rugged, strong, manly exterior is a heart that just wants to be loved and to love. Oh no! The love in the air is starting to get to me! Must run!