Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have always enjoyed photography. I feel like I have a decent eye for things, although I really have no idea what I am doing. I have tried the last few months to include pictures along with each blog. That along with one of my other loves, music, I feel really helps get out the feelings that I want to share. Today I reached 300 pictures tagged on facebook, so in celebration I want to share a few of these today.

I really like this one because of the faces of the two boys in the front left corner. They were very impressed by my amazing kick in the 6th graders vs faculty kickball game.

This is a picture from my all time favorite vacation. I went with Dan and Jared to Six Flags and we camped on the side of the road. This picture just reminds me of all of the good times. Naps at the park, Roller coasters, Lost, and many others.

Graduation was a blast! I went because I wanted to see all of my friends I had spent two years of my life with. While I was there I didn't feel much like waiting around and so I spent most of the day wandering around campus with my brother taking tons of way awesome pictures. I will post just one.

We went camping to Arches and there was still some snow, I doubt many people have pictures similar to this one.

One of my favorite pictures I took of the Seattle Temple.

Another of my favorites from Seattle, I have so many more I want to post! I will have to leave it at that. If you have a little more time check out more of my pictures. Especially the Graduation/Moab/Mission Pictures Gallery's.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Fun

I love summer! It feels nice to be spontanious and come up with crazy stuff to do. Here is a list of a few of the fun things we have done the past few weeks:

Two weekends ago: The new people had just moved in and we had a big game of capture the flag. It was so much fun! I like being creative, I used every strategy I could think of to help my team win. Sarah and I went on a lovers stroll hoping that we would pass as a romantic couple. It almost worked, we were so close to getting the flag! We then found a group of six people that weren't playing and had them charge the flag for us while we ran in the middle of them, it ended up helping us win game one. Game two: Sarah and I broke out of jail, just for fun. Neither one of us made it back to our side though, so it really didn't make a difference. It was still fun to try. A little later I made it to the jail to rescue someone but nobody wanted out. So I just sat there, later on in the game I tagged someone and the two of us walked back much to everyone's surprise. The other team ended up winning though because Jeremy let them have the flag if they could beat him in red light green light.

Last Weekend: It envolved getting the fire department called on us, an ambulance, drive by shooting and Satan's barn. It was a really fun night! (Don't worry, most of this stuff isn't what it sounds like).

This Weekend: We went swimming, to get shakes, to my dad's 60th birthday party and then frisbee golfing. It was awesome!

I look forward to whatever comes next. I don't know what is in store, but I know it will be wicked awesome. I could go into more detail on everything, but this is getting long enough. Thank you everyone for being fun! Let's keep the good times rolling. Anyone have any other good ideas to do? What is your favorite summer moment?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Awkward Date

Jared and I went frisbee golfing early this evening and we came across a guy and a girl that looked a little lost. They had been standing for about 2-3 minutes staring at one of the signs on the last hole. We asked them if they were going to go, and they said that we could go ahead of them. He then asked where you started and we told him. He tried to make some awkward small talk with us about how we must go there often, it was wierd. They walked off, with only one disc... We finished the hole and then started to walk to our car.

Directly in front of us on the sidewalk was the girl, about 100 feet in front of her was the guy. She yelled up to him at one point and said, "Kevin, wait up!" He just kept on walking. Eventually they got in the car together and drove off. Must have been one amazing date! He doesn't even know anything about the course, they only have one disc, they leave as separate as you can be while still being together and it was about 6:30. I wish I had more of the story, but it really kind of made me laugh.

I have been lucky when it comes to dating. I always seem to have a good time, and though they may not amount to much afterwards, I always enjoy myself. I would have to say the most awkward would be a girl's choice dance in high school that the girl didn't really seem to want to be there. I still had fun though, it was just weird. I guess if I don't have any good stories I better go on some more dates. I am sure some of you out there have some pretty good stories though. Feel free to share, what is your weirdest/awkward/worst date story?

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Bouquet of Basketball Cookies

This week was teacher appreciation week and I recieved this awesome bouquet of basketball cookies. I also got some notes from my students that they wrote this week when I had a substitute, man they sure are sneaky! You sometimes wonder if any of them really care, so things like that always make me happy. Here are a few of my favorite responses other than just you are nice and fun.

D.r mr. Horan, Thankyou for teaching me evrything I know! (must not have been spelling, but hey, everything she knows is still pretty impressive)

Mr. Horan I like you becaus you let me share funny stories with the class.

Mr. Horan, Thank you for all you've done. I've never had a boy teacher but... I think your ok. No your great. You know I've learned a lot. Well you are a really fun dude so I guess you ROCK!

Mr. Horan, THANKS! Thanks for teaching me most of the MATH I know and teaching me harder stuff. Your the best teacher Ever! Thanks Thanks!

You are the best. I love writing, science, and reading time. I love the soda explostion with mentos and soda. You teach me well. You ROCK!