Friday, May 8, 2009

A Bouquet of Basketball Cookies

This week was teacher appreciation week and I recieved this awesome bouquet of basketball cookies. I also got some notes from my students that they wrote this week when I had a substitute, man they sure are sneaky! You sometimes wonder if any of them really care, so things like that always make me happy. Here are a few of my favorite responses other than just you are nice and fun.

D.r mr. Horan, Thankyou for teaching me evrything I know! (must not have been spelling, but hey, everything she knows is still pretty impressive)

Mr. Horan I like you becaus you let me share funny stories with the class.

Mr. Horan, Thank you for all you've done. I've never had a boy teacher but... I think your ok. No your great. You know I've learned a lot. Well you are a really fun dude so I guess you ROCK!

Mr. Horan, THANKS! Thanks for teaching me most of the MATH I know and teaching me harder stuff. Your the best teacher Ever! Thanks Thanks!

You are the best. I love writing, science, and reading time. I love the soda explostion with mentos and soda. You teach me well. You ROCK!

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Erin said...

Teacher appriciation week was one of my favorites! It's nice it comes at this time of year when you're so burned out usually and busy with all the end of the year stuff. Those were sweet notes. I couldn't help but wonder if they told every teacher they were the BEST teacher EVER!!!! Still cute though...