Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today my brother entered the Provo MTC to prepare to go to Mongolia.  He will be in the MTC until the middle of January including:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve.  My family is not one that gets to emotional and it was the same today, we are going to miss him like crazy, but he is where he is supposed to be and he will be a great missionary.  

It brought back a lot of good memories, I wanted to follow him out the right side of the room where the missionaries get to go.  Not just because he is my favorite person in the world, but because I miss my mission.  I would go back in a heartbeat.  But my two years are up, I can't get a minute of it back or have a minute more.  

It really made me appreciate the time we have on this earth.  We don't get it back, we need to make the most of it.  Looking forward to the future, living in the present, and learning from the past.  What things am I putting off that I should do today?  What blessings am I, and those around me, missing because I stop short or put something off.  

As my brother is out serving, it inspires me to look within myself and see the divine potential that I have.  The potential to do great things, to work hard, and to do my best.  Hopefully I can keep this motivation and turn it into action.  I know he will be doing that, he is my hero.

Brothers by Chance,
Friends by Choice!

My brother has blessed my life, now he will get to bless many more.  I miss him...

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Stacie said...

I like the playlist of songs on your page here. I didnt know you had a blog - I will link you to mine!! Crazy your bro is going to mongolia. My friend ben who lived in my ward growing up, went to Mongolia! Now he is getting married in December. Neways, I'll comment you again! leave me a comment too if you want :)