Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been far to long since I have written anything. I have had a few ideas, but nothing has seemed blogworthy. There are a few crazy things that have happened and perhaps I will write them soon. This week you may get a few blog posts if I get really bored. Seriously, there is nothing like the holidays to make you realize how alone you are sometimes. Our complex is deserted, everybody went home it seems. The good news is that we own this place, well until they all get back.

I figured the least I can do is write down a few of the many things I am greatful for.

  • My Family
  • Friends
  • A Job
  • Good health
  • Freedom
  • Humor
  • Sports
  • Music

That is a very short list, but I could go on forever and you should be thankful that I didn't. I don't know why I am such a lucky guy, but for that I am greatful. I see so many things going on in the world that are negative, yet my life is good. It is far from perfect, but it is mine.

I am thankful that I am free, and I don't mean just because I live in America. I have the freedom to do what I love. While many are unemployed, I have a job at an amazing school where I hope I am making a difference. I have the financial fredom of not being in debt and being able to have everything I need. I am glad I was taught when I was young how to take care of my money.

How to take care of money isn't the only thing I learned from my amazing family. They have always been there to help me with anything and everything. My brother and I always made a great team. I look forward to getting him back from loan to Mongolia.

I am also thankful for my friends that help me stay sane. I am lucky to work with people that I like and who understand what i'm going through. Sometimes the only person that can understand what i'm going through is someone else who is going through the same thing. I can tell my friends at work about something and they can relate, I come home looking for that same support and nobody gets it. Don't get me wrong I have the best friends anyone can ask for. But if Jared came home talking about some technology thing he was trying to figure out, it means nothing to me either. I consider myself lucky that I have both great coworkers and great friends.

My friends and I have been watching some t.v. shows that Chris owns on DVD and it has been nice to have something to laugh about and share together. I am so greatful for a sense of humor and for other people who do as well. Life would be so boring without something to laugh about.

We have also enjoyed watching some great sports games lately. Real Salt Lake winning the MLS Cup was amazing! I hope it isn't long before we have many more professional championships here in Utah. I am also glad to have had BYU season tickets again this year, it has been a great run. I look forward to this weeks game against Utah. I also am excited that the Jazz will get the Knicks pick in the draft this next summer. I was able to play on some fun intramural teams this semester and look forward to playing more basketball soon. As much as some people may not understand, I love having a great game to look forward to, be it my own or a team I follow.

So much for keeping this short, this however is the end, for real. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and I am excited to start celebrating the heck out of Christmas on Friday!

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Lorraine said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.