Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Journal

I started a journal online today.  I decided that I would also post what I wrote on here, most of the time it's going to be just for me.  So here is a glimpse into what my journal(s) look like:

I have so many journals, some have been lost forever.  I kept one on my computer for a while and my hard drive crashed and I lost it all.  I thought maybe it's time to keep a journal on line instead.

I don't really have that much to say.  It seems like the days I decide it is time to journal are when I feel a desire to better myself.  For some reason writing in a journal signifies to me that I am trying to improve.  It could be because the best period of my life, at keeping a journal, was when I was serving a mission.  As a missionary I was easily my best self, completely humble, full of service, feasting on Christ's words, and trying to share the joy that is has brought me with everyone I came in contact with.

Or possibly writing in a journal is due to reflection getting ingrained in me through the education program.  It seemed like everything we did we had to write a reflection paper on it.  I lay in bed at night and think about how things went, I get in the shower in the morning and run through my day.  Reflection is a part of who I am, and I feel that you get the most out of it when you write it down.

Sometimes I am quiet, I don't usually talk just to talk, unless I feel I have something beneficial to say I don't say much.  Some of my friends may disagree, but that is when something is going on that I am really passionate about, then maybe I talk too much.  Most of the time I prefer to keep my comments to myself and to keep my ideas in my head. 

During college I worked at the testing center and 1/4th of my shift I had to sit or walk around the testing rooms.  It gave me time to get away from the noise and hustle of the world and to really be introspective.  Sometimes I need those moments, now I usually get them from going running or on walks.  Lately my legs have been hurting me and I haven't had that outlet either.

So here we are, another journal.  This one won't be lost, that is unless something happens to the world wide web.  Here's to hoping the introspection and reflection leads me to be my best self.

This part isn't in my journal, but what are some things that help you get the most out of a journal?  Do you have any success stories?  How has keeping a journal blessed you in your life?  Maybe it's time you get back to your journal as well, find something that works for you, you won't regret it!


Brett said...

I have written in a journal much of my life. Over the last few years it has been pretty hard. I just recently started writing again using Google Docs. It is nice because it is all backed up online so it will never go away. I have also made it pretty intuitive like a blog. I put in links to pictures I upload and even videos that are all on Google Docs. I hope the easy access of the web being everywhere will help me keep going.

Kristie said...

I was an AVID journal writer growing up. I've had the chance to share my journals with people who have used my experiences to speak to the youth on respecting others and loving yourself. I wrote in my journal everyday with the mindset that my kids would be able to read about my life at their age. Due to recent events, I've picked it up again so that my posterity can also know about me as a parent, and through the rest of my life. Journal writing has always been such an important thing to me and I'm catching sight of it again and making the time to do it again. Thanks for posting this! It's a new goal of mine to start up again, and it's hood to know I'm not the only one. :)

GrandmaBev said...

Good luck on writing in your journal. It's always been a struggle for me to be consistant. Write things that will help you as you read back on it. Then remember to go back and read it.

alishka babushka said...

I have been a fairly consistent journal writer for most of my college life. It was off and on in my younger years. I love going back and reading during different times in my life.

I find it to be a great outlet to write down my dreams, blessings, and frustrations. One thing I try to do is something that President Eyring talked about several conferences ago and that is to record the blessings from Heavenly Father each day. This has definitely helped me to grow closer to Him and see how much he really does bless me each day.