Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So my good friend Chris is such a great example of making lists. I decided it was about time for me to make one of my own. And no, it's not my top 5 list of girls at sparks II. I have only shared that list with one person.

So I was looking through my old yearbooks for the most interesting quotes. There were plenty of things that people wrote that were very sentimental but these aren't those. In no particular order:

1. Dave, You are the awesomest weirdo I know. Your dad’s name is Waldo, and you are ambiguously awesome! Peace. (Not everybody can be the awesomest weirdo, extra points for using ambiguously)

2. Dave- Have a Super summer! You are a Hottie! -Dianna –pizza hut- (Not very many people have the privilege of having the hot waitress at pizza hut sign their yearbooks)

3. Dave- Hey! Thanks for all the help in cheer! You are the best yell leader! (Funny because I was not a yell leader)

4. David- You are a cool dude. I hope you die. You have been a good friend and I hope it lasts forever. –Bottom Feeder (Rather contradicting, wanting me to die yet have a friendship that lasts forever, and who is this bottom feeder?)

5. Dave Dave Dave, You are hot j/k Have fun this summer. (j/k? that's messed up)

6. Dave- Tab Warriors Rule! We’re Seniors. You know what’s cool, we say that every year basically. (I don’t think we have said any of that more than once in our lives)

7. Dave- Thanks for being my husband! You’re so great! Have fun in the world w/o me. You’re the best! -P.S. sing more- you’re great at it. (See ladies I make a great husband! and I sing well!)

8. Dave, You’re so cool! Seriously of all the people to be friends with you’re like #4 on the list! Really, you’re cool. Choir was fun. Se ya around! (#4 really isn't that bad when you think about it)

9. Dave, For such a smart kid you sure act strange. (Is this a complement?)

10. -David- Be a nice kid during the summer, then come back and be yourself. (I don't know what they are implying)

Honorable Mention

*I hope you make it into the WNBA with me –Ben

*David, who don’t you want?


Dan said...

You actually made me laugh out loud! That was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

Oh the funny things people write in annuals.

alison said...

hahaha. ha! I loved the "you're hot j/K" and I loved all the others j/k.

annuals... haha

TrishTobs said...

I just can't wait to see your annuals in the flesh!

Jessie Evans said...

You make me want to go find my yearbooks and make the same kind of list. Maybe I will.