Friday, July 25, 2008

Seize The Day

So I decided it is about time I started one of these blogs... As I pondered what great things I should divulge, I decided to write about something deeper than my usual thoughts. Don't worry there will be plenty of craziness and awkward moments to come!

I have been thinking lately about how valuable time is. Like usual, this realization came due to a discovery of how time is running out. A lot is changing in my life right now and I’m not sure I'm ready to let go of the way things are. Luckily, I will always have the great memories of the past and will be able to continue to create many more.

Things changing... The last week and a half I have kind of disappeared. The reason is that one of my all time favorite cousins, Audrey, is in town. She along with my brother and I have had many adventures the last week and a half, and have for many years. Unfortunately, for me, this will be our last hurrah as she is most likely to be engaged in the near future.

Not only is this the last time the three of us will be able to hang out like this, but my brother as well. He leaves for his mission in Mongolia in October. Things will not be the same when he gets back, who knows I may be married... I have really enjoyed this time to spend with both of them, as well as my amazing mother and father.

If that wasn't enough to make me think, I begin my official career as a fourth grade teacher in about two weeks, CRAZY! Am I really that grown up? Don't answer that! Anyway, you can see why time has been on my mind.

It is so important for each one of us to value every moment of every day! Time is something that can not be made up. We can, and must, learn from everything we do, but we can never get back time that we have wasted.

So let us work together to continue to have great times together and remind each other of all those we have already had. I will do my best to keep this updated with those memories. Thank you for your friendship and all you have done to make me who I am today. I wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without you!


Annegirl said...

Amen, Dave. =)

alison said...

Hey, I like your thoughts. And I like you too ;) Let's be friends.

Jessie Evans said...

Yay that you have a blog!

Alyssa, Stephen, and McKinley Taylor said...

I had no idea you were a school teacher! You are going to be so awesome! Congrats and I agree with how time vanishes before you know it. Remember when we sang together... I sure do! Miss you, lets play. -Ali

Lorraine said...

I just read your whole blog. Hope you are doing well. - Lorraine