Saturday, January 17, 2009

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, here in Happy Valley, lived a man with a quest. His name was Dave, a desirable, daring, delightful dreamer with desires to destroy, demolish and devastate the competition on the basketball court. Then dine at the delicious and delectable IHOP when done.

As he prepared for a physical battle, our protagonist placed proudly, a plethora of gel upon his head. Added unto it a headband and with his new DWill shoes, set out to settle, once and for all, who was king of the court.

The battle began, it was the Bricks against the World. The other team came out hard, making everything, it was as if they were invincible. Shot after shot sought comfort inside the cylinder. Our noble army renewed their efforts and were able to catch up and keep it even until halftime. As they huddled together the troops called for a speech, much was said by all. Praise was given for their defense, and they discussed the intricacies or their intramural offensive schemes.

The second half began, but the enemy was no match for the mighty Bricks. The Bricks outscored them 29 to 10 as they secured their first victory of many 44 to 25. Dave was given the Matt Harpring award for his mighty efforts in getting the other team frustrated, but doing nothing noteworthy offensively. He drew charges, got jump balls, three steals, three assists, and worked hard doing the little things. With leading scorer Chris to his side, and many other notable warriors, they marched into the sunset.

But their quest was not over, as the sun set, and the victory was being celebrated, our hero and his crew had no idea that a new enemy was just around the corner. With his lovely lady in hand, Dave, Jenn, Chris, and Joel mounted their chariot. They began the drive to the post game feast, when all of a sudden, a great fog encircled around them. They marched boldly through the enemy lines, not knowing what was in front of them. The worthy opponent had now decided to destroy the roads, in hopes of stopping them in their tracks. Not to be stopped, they pushed on. They lost no hope when Cul-de-sacs impeded their progress. Not even icy roads of death that sent them spiraling out of control towards a barbed wire fence could stop them.

IHOP appeared as a beacon above the fog, bacon, sausage and pancakes would soon be had by all. Jared, Jeremy, Jake, Jose, Joel, Jose, Jenn, Dave, Chris, and Stacey enjoyed the feast and an enjoyable night was had by all.

The quest was obtained.

Dave returned home, said goodnight to his Princess, and had sweet dreams of victory.


elysehawks said...

I did read it when you posted it! This was fun to read...I was on the edge of my seat through the whole thing!!

I hope the D Will shoes did you proud...but how could they not? They are freaking D Will man and we all know I love him. Ha, ha. I am glad you had fun. Keep writing more! I will soon... :) Love ya Davey boy!

Jose said...

This blog is awesome. You really made the story interesting and exciting. Keep writing more blogs like this one!