Friday, February 20, 2009

Heartbreak World

Right now my students are working on their stories that are due today. They are so creative! I am waiting for someone to bring their story to me to check it off so they can print it. Right now there isn't anyone in line, so I thought I would do some writing of my own. It has been a rough couple of weeks, luckily I have had some great friends to help me through. Thank you to each of you who has come to say hello or done something with me the last week, it has really been a blessing.

So... one of my students just informed me that I have the third best tasting hair in the class, although another student gave me second place... Never a dull moment! I have the best students, they make me laugh so much.

In class we have been studying weather and we have made weather vanes, anemometers, barometers, measured temperatures, observed clouds, wind speed and air pressure. We then discuss and predict what the future weather will be. I predict that my weather is about to change. I see blue skies and sunshine ahead through the clouds that cover my current world. Thank you again to all of you who make my life a little better!


AmyJo Denise said...

Chin up Dave!
You'll find the 'one'!!!

Alli said...

Kids are the cutest aren't they?!?!
I agree... blue sky's are on there way :D

Jimmy & Amy said...

You know it's the kids from my class last year that wrote the best stories!!! :)