Sunday, March 15, 2009


A few weeks ago my school had a spirit day where we had the opportunity to dress up as our hero or superhero. It was interesting to see what some of them chose to dress up as. I was a little surprised that a few of my students dressed up as me. I wore a shirt I got when I was serving my mission in Seattle. It had a big S like the superman logo and then said Seattle below. It was not much of a costume and took little effort, but I had a lot of heroes on my mission.

I am sure that when I was their age I would have dressed up as a Jazz player. John Stockton was always someone famous that I looked up to. Although over the years my heroes have gone from famous, to those that have had a personal impact on my life. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like to miss a chance to watch DWill play.


Some of my heroes:

My Family: My mom and dad would do anything for me, they have always been there when I needed them. My mom is always doing service and helping in so many ways. She is a great example to me. My dad has been having a great time being involved in a BYU ward bishopric and always knows how to make us laugh. Even if we try and pretend like it isn't funny sometimes. My brother is currently serving a mission and has always been one of my best friends. He is my hero!

Each of you is my hero as well. Thank you for caring enough about me to keep up on my life. It is so nice to have great friends. I have been lucky to have the privilege of having some great life long friends. We have also found some other amazing people along the way. I wish I kept up better with all of you, but you will always have a special place in my heart.

Feel free to leave a comment of who your hero is and why.


Alli said...

Well you have some great hero's! Family is always great to have, and they do make best friends. if you find time... what's Jon's addy? I told him forever ago I would write him, and I'm a slacker of a friend and haven't :(
Anyway on to my hero's...
My family as well, they support me in all I do and will always be there for me when I'm struggling.
My friends as well are amazing. The ones that actually go out of their way to make sure I'm doing fine, are the ones that will be forever with me!

Jessie Evans said...

My dad is my hero for so many reasons. His love is unconditional and he's worked so hard to become the man he is today.