Friday, June 12, 2009

Best Friends

I have always been blessed to have some of the best friends this world has to offer. This week I was lucky to find a few more amazing people to add to the Best Friends of Dave club. We actually met in the hot tub, isn't that the best place? I think my friend Tyson would agree, that is where he met his wife.

When we were leaving the hot tub that night we told them we lived in Apartment 30 and that they should come over sometime. We have told people this before, and usually nothing happens. Heck people in the ward that we know rarely come over, so why should some complete strangers? Well about an hour later our new friends knocked on our door and we enjoyed a wonderful evening. After they left that night we realized (the smart guys that we are) that we had no idea where they lived. All we could really hope for was that they would come back.

Our luck appeared in the form of a note in the middle of the week. It told us that they couldn't stay away any longer and that they would be coming by Saturday evening and to be plan free. Saturday approached and I found myself kind of excited. Some of our other friends stopped by to invite us to do something, we told them we had plans. Then the moment we had been waiting for, they actually came! We made friendship banana brick and took pictures for a cool stuffed animal love story. We also went shopping so that we could enjoy Sunday dinner together the next day. The night ended with a dance party, what could be better?

Sunday came and dinner was amazing. It was one of my favorites, chicken enchiladas. We also climbed this really cool tree and just sat at the top for a long time and talked. Then we came back, had dessert and watched Toy Story. I love that movie! I hadn't seen it for far to long. I also got an awesome back massage and head scratch. I love head scratches!

I love my friends, I am grateful for all of you who have blessed my life this week or at some point during my life. Friends are what make life worth living. You have made me who I am today, and that is pretty freaking amazing. I blame you!
I couldn't decide which song to choose for this blog, I went with the Toy Story one. The second song that will come on, or that you can go and click on, is more along the lines of remembering our dance parties.


Caitlan said...

Hahaha this post made me laugh out loud- and I loved it! Yay best friends!!

Ann-Michelle said...

down right dave- what a fun blog you have, sir! i am caitlan's older sister. she told me that she had made an appearance on a cool guy's blog, so i hunted,( as in caitlan gave me your blog url), you out! pretty much rocks- plus my sister is so dang cute!

GrandmaBev said...

I hope you got their apartment number this time. Sounds like they are lots of fun.