Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

I am excited for the start of a new year, a new decade. Today doesn't seem any different than two days ago, but it is always nice to have a time of year to reflect and look forward. A time to learn from the past and plan for the future. So goodbye 2009, and hello 2010!

2009: The year began with me on top of the world. I had started my career and was enjoying teaching. The first few months were rough, but by 2009 things were looking up. I loved my students and I felt like I was starting to understand what I was doing. I also was dating a really great girl and was the Elders Quorum President in my ward. Between these three things I was busy, and stressed out, but happy.

I began to feel like I wasn't really giving any of these three very important things the energy they each deserved. 1st year teacher, relationship, and calling, in each I felt like I should be giving more. I also didn't feel like I could take away from any of the others to strengthen the other two.

A few months into the year I no longer had that problem. My girlfriend and I decided to break up early in the year. Then in May I got released from my calling and school ended for the year. Now instead of three important things that needed my time I had absolutely nothing. It was really hard at first to go from all that responsibility to the summer of no need to even wake up in the morning.

Luckily we met these really cool girls during the summer that restored my faith in girls that can be fun and have a similar sense of humor as me. We had a great time, everything happened really fast and by the end of the summer we didn't really do much anymore, but it made for a great summer. There was never a dull moment, thanks girls! Here is a post earlier in the year about meeting them

The summer went by to quickly and I didn't do a lot of things I had hoped to. I didn't go anywhere cool or super fun, but it was nice to be able to relax and recover from the craziness of life. The pool became my best friend and I spent a lot of time at the gym, I was in better shape than I had been in some time. I was blessed to live with my best friends and we always had a good time together, but now it was time for school to start up again.

I was excited for a new school year, a time to take all the things I had learned the year before and apply them. I was going to be a much better teacher this year. Then I met my students, I love them all individually, but as a class they are harder than last year. Luckily, I feel like I am equal to the task and I am trying my best to be a good teacher. I am continuing to learn a lot and plan on doing so every year I teach for the rest of my life.

At the beginning of the school year I also got a new calling of Activities Co-Chair. That keeps me really busy at times as well, but has been pretty fun. So life is a little less stressful this year. 2nd year teacher and a calling that only gets crazy for about a week every month. No girlfriend, although I would gladly make time for one. The girls here are nice and everything, but they seem to all be 18 years old and at totally different points in their life than me.

So at the end of the year I decided I am going to buy a house. 2010 is going to be a big year, I will buy a house, I will become a tenured teacher, and who knows, maybe I will find my wife. My brother also gets back from his mission near the end of the year. Two of my good friends from my apartment also get back from their missions. I know 2010 has only been here for two days, but I can tell it is going to be a great year!


Caitlan said...


Davey you must write me in Hawaii.

Maryn said...

You make me happy. I'm glad that we are friends :)

GrandmaBev said...

I hope you have a wonderful 2010. Good luck on getting your house and meeting your goals.

Lorraine said...

I am sure it will be agreat year. Good luck on the house hunt!

Anonymous said...

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