Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Ghost of Vacation's Past

Summer vacation began like any other, with my family and I spending a week in Arizona. We played with our cousins, swam in our grandparent's pool and had a wonderful time. Sadly, it was time to make the long drive home.

Since my brother and I were both young we decided to make it a two day trip instead of driving it all in one day. As we were driving my dad saw a sign for a ghost town up ahead. "Do you want to check it out David?" he asked. "Only if we can see a ghost!" I replied.

Pulling up to the small deserted town my dad read a sign saying it did not open for a few hours. "As long as we are here we might as well have a look around," my dad announced.

Wandering around I felt like I had taken a step back a few hundred years. The dirt from the streets blew around like fog in a graveyard. Buildings looked like they could fall over with even the slightest noise. Luckily, the whole world was quiet, a little too quiet. I kept having a strange feeling that we were being watched. I looked around for any signs of life, there was none.

Suddenly, I spotted a house that had light coming through the cracks of the door. I hadn't seen any signs of electricity anywhere, I wondered what could be making the strange light. Being curious I decided to investigate.

I crept toward the building, the closer I got the more confused I was. Music began to play, it sounded even older than what my dad listens to. It felt as if invisible strings were pulling me closer to the door. What was in this building? I couldn't stop now, I was almost there! Reaching my hand toward the door, my curiosity was about to be fulfilled. Except, something else got to the door before me!

The door swung open on it's own and I ran as fast as I could. "Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!" At a world record speed I ran for my life. In all the confusion I could swear I heard laughter. Continuing to run, I cautiously turned my head to see what was going on.

Then, I saw it! Well, him... and my family. They were laughing even harder than they do at my best jokes! The ghost ended up being the park ranger, boy was I embarrassed! Relieved to be alive I tried to act cool like nothing happened. Ghost ranger showed us around a little and sent us on our way.

Next year let's just drive home as fast as we can!


Stacie said...

LOL thats funny!
Ughh i hate you. Gosh. you were in Arizona again and I am here and you didnt even tell me!! Pffft
Aw well I guess you had lots of plans that kept you busy. Glad you had fun.

Dave said...

This was a story that happened some time ago. I haven't been to Arizona in like 15 months now because we weren't able to come up this past Christmas.