Saturday, April 3, 2010


Those of you that are friends with me on facebook or twitter have noticed that I have been rather busy during conference. Some of you may hate it, some of you may enjoy it, but the fact is that it will continue. I have felt excited about this conference more than I have in some time. Maybe I am growing up, maybe I just really need to hear some things right now. Either way it has been amazing so far! Since I didn't get to tweet about priesthood session here are a few of the things I learned:

Elder Oaks: I had made a comment during the afternoon session that I wanted an Elder Oaks talk and priesthood session brought it to me! It actually fit in nicely with the general theme of the day, comfort and healing.

He said that medical science is not at odds with our faith. We should apply every remedy available to us and then ask God. We use them simultaneously. We urged us as priesthood holders to always be prepared to use the healing power of the priesthood. He said that there are five steps in using the healing power: 1) The anointing. 2) Sealing. 3) Faith. 4) The words of the blessing. 5) The will of the Lord.

Elder Oaks said that we should never be worried about what to say in a blessing, God's will will be accomplished. Healing does not come from the words spoken, but by faith. Also there is no need to be blessed multiple times as this is a sign that you lack faith. It also shows that you are putting more trust in those that are giving the blessing and not taking responsibility for yourself. He mentioned that in the scriptures the Savior often said, "Thy faith hath made thee whole." It is your responsibility, not the elders. It is up to you to claim that blessing by your faith.

Two examples were given of times when it was not God's will for someone to be healed. Elder Oaks proclaimed that our faith is in Jesus Christ and is not dependent on outcomes. God's will shall be accomplished. We cannot change his will.

President Uchtdorf: Patience, he told of a study done with four year olds where they were given one marshmallow and told if they did not eat it and waited fifteen minutes they would give them a second one. Only 30% were able to wait. They followed these children for years and those who had patience were more successful in life.

Patience is a rare virtue, without patience we cannot please God or become perfect. If we want to reach our potential we must learn to wait. Patience is not passive resignation it is an active waiting and enduring. We must continually work and endure with faith.

He talked about when he moved to a new country and things were different. He got behind and had begun to wonder if he could succeed. He had a teacher who believed in him and taught him patience. That if he was steady and persistent he would be able to learn and succeed.

Never give up on anyone, and that includes never giving up on yourself. Be patient and endure to the end. The promises of the Lord are not always swift, but they are always certain.

President Eyring: Diligence, Learn what the Lord expects of you, then do it! Our priesthood responsibilities are more than just doing what He would do, but to become as He is. Let every man be diligent in learning their duty.

He mentioned a little bit about how the Duty to God program of the church will be changing and the blessings that these changes will bring to our youth.

Remember the Savior, He is our perfect example. Follow Him and bring others with you.

This will have to do for now, I need to get some sleep so I can be ready for another exciting day tomorrow! If you want to check out some of my quotes from the morning and afternoon sessions of Saturday conference check out my twitter account.


schester said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts. I enjoyed reading about priesthood since I didn't attend last night.

Lorraine said...

Funny how different people choose different highlights of a talk. Your summary while similar to the one my husband gave me, also had different highlights because he was thinking of different things while he listened.

Anonymous said...

I am commenting!! You should be so proud of me! lol. Conference is always amazing. I appreciate your thoughts!