Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Gambler

Gamble: to take a chance on; venture; risk.

I have been thinking the last little bit about taking chances.  There are two major lines of thought on how to live life.  One is to play it safe, and the other is to take risks.  My friends and I have been discussing this, mainly in regards to BYU football, and their strategy to keep things simple and disciplined.  We personally think that they should take a few more chances and get more creative.  I would love to see both Nelson and Heaps in at the same time and see some trick plays, or at least keep the defense guessing.  I admire the coaches and program, but they drive me crazy sometimes.  They have stuck to their guns though, and I suppose you have to admire that.

How easy it is to look at others and say that they should take a chance.  Looking at all the talent and potential that they have and wish they wouldn't hide it in fear of making a mistake.  Maybe they will be less likely to throw an interception with this strategy, but mistakes can still happen and you miss out on some spectacular moments.

Then I began to think about myself.  I think I am pretty great, I am very happy with where I'm at and who I am.  I live life without many struggles, without fear.  I try to work hard and be disciplined, and life always seems to find a way of working out.  But like BYU, sometimes I don't really let people see the whole me.  I play it safe and hope that as I take care of myself, I can handle anything that comes my way.  Most of the time I come out on top and if I lose I can say, well I stuck to my guns and played a disciplined game.

I fear that at times, even though I love life and have not thrown many interceptions, that I too sometimes miss out on those amazing plays that life can and does provide.  Luckily, this weekend I took a chance and when invited to go to a concert, with a few people I didn't know very well, I accepted.  I could have easily said I didn't know the band, or said I had plans. (Several other people had in fact invited me to do stuff) But I went and had an amazing time and got to meet some new people, as well as get to know others better.  I also found out I really like the band fun. 

Some people may look at things in life and call it a gamble.  But I have found that very rarely do I lose when I take a chance to venture out and take a risk.  Life is meant to be lived, not discussed and diagrammed.  There is so much potential in each one of us, don't hide your life, share it with anyone and everyone you can.  I am glad someone was willing to give me that chance and that I "gambled" and came out a winner.  Hopefully I can start calling more plays that lead to touchdowns, or be ready whenever my name is called.  Now if we can just get BYU to understand this...


GrandmaBev said...

I'm glad you were willing to try something new. There are so many wonderful oppertunities in life that we don't take advantage of. We love to stay in our safe little world.

Lorraine said...

I am glad you had a fun time. Your post have me some good thining time! I think you are a pretty great guy too!