Saturday, May 28, 2011

If I Was the Computer Teacher

As a teacher who uses and loves technology, I have been blessed with a really great opportunity to have a positive impact on not only my class, but my entire school.  Our computer teacher is retiring and our principal wants my help, along with two others from my school, to create yearlong outlines for the new teacher.  These plans will be for each of the grades at our school, K-6.

I know there are some things I would love, as a 4th grade teacher, for my students to learn in computers, then I can take it, run with it, and apply it to my curriculum.  I also know that I do not know everything, or what other teachers may want.  (I will ask the teachers at my school this as well) The new computer teacher will obviously have the freedom to do their job, and not be imprisoned by our general guidelines and ideas.

Because I want to do this right, and because I have such a knowledgeable PLN, I want your help!  Are you a technology specialist, teacher, administrator, who has seen anything specific work really well?  What are some of the crucial aspects you would include?

A little info on our school:  We have 1,200 students.  They each get to go to computers, in our computer lab, for half an hour once a week.  Besides our computer lab, our 6th grade classes are 1:1 with laptops, 4th and 5th are 2:1, and 1st-3rd each have one class set of laptops between the 5-6 classes in their grade.  We have the iLife programs in our computer lab as well as all of the classroom sets.

Another side issue, we got an amazing grant to get all of these laptops several years ago.  They are now 3-4 years old, the batteries won't hold charges, and many teachers have decided it is not worth the hassle to use them often.  We are looking into this as well, but really this is just for ideas for our computer teacher to use in the computer lab, that has nice brand new computers.

So if you were able to make a positive technological impact for 1,200 students, what are some of the things you would include?  If you know somebody who could help, please send them this link.

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