Friday, May 6, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher appreciation comes at a great time of the year, we start testing next week and teachers are trying to squeeze everything in, or review what we have done the past 8 months, all in one week.  The weather is getting nice outside and we would all rather be there than inside.  Summer is fast approaching and some wish it could just get here already.  Classroom management begins to get harder than it has all year and trying to keep everyone motivated can be a bit of a struggle, especially once the tests are over, and two weeks of school remain. 

Amidst all of this craziness comes a little breath of fresh air, teacher appreciation.  I think my class was the most difficult it has been all year, but at least at the end of the day I can feel like my efforts, stress, and countless hours of work have meant something.  Here are a few sections from some of the notes I got:

You are the best teacher that I could ever have.  Your great at teaching, you make me happy all the time.

Your the best teacher ever!  How did you get so nice?  I'm doing way better on my grades.  This is a graph of my tests.  (Then she drew a great bar graph with labels and everything)

Thank you for everything you have done!  You are so nice, and helpful!  Your the kind of teacher any one would want to have!  I will always remember you as the best teacher ever!

Thank you so much for being there for us!  Your the best teacher ever!

Thank you for helping us and being there for us.  I hope your necked (next?) class will be nice to you and be awesome.  You rock! and you have done a lot for me.  I will miss you when I am in 5th grade.  I loved being in your class and I hope (my brother) will be in your class.  You rock at teachin and I rilly rilly rilly like you!!!!

Thank you for being the best teacher.  You taught us the great stuff

Thanx for Helping us learn! We appriciate the hard work for us! and we Have Hade a lot of FUN!!!

Thank you for being a great teacher.  Thank you for helping me when I need it.

You are a good teacher!  Now I have a poem for you.
O so cool
Really good
No bad in you.

These are 4 things I love best about you!
1: Your laugh
2: Your fun activitys
3: You letting us organize the room
4: And espesially your dancing!

There were more, mostly saying, You Rock!, and stuff like that.  I know they probably tell their teacher every year that they are their favorite, and they will say the same thing next year, but it still feels good.  Plus, you should always love your current teacher the best.  Hopefully tests will go well the next two weeks and I will have lived up to the goals I had for me and my class this year.  Every year I want to be the best teacher I can and continue to improve.  I am not the best teacher, but today they made me feel more that way.  (Looks like I need to do a lesson on your though for a few of them)

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GrandmaBev said...

Glad the remarks could make your day. Glad you were loved by your students.