Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You know how people say that dreams really can come true?  Believe it! 2012 has been such a year.

It began one day as I found out that three of my friends were invited by Greg Miller, owner of the Jazz, to join him on the front row for a game.  As I read their blogs, I was amazed at what an amazing man Greg Miller was and thought how amazing it would be to have something like that happen to me.  You can read their accounts here:


I began to think of the "dreams" that have come true for me in my lifetime.  Since their posts were Jazz related, I thought about the time Karl Malone and his brother, taught my brother and I how to fish at a local boat store. There was a big group of people at the event and Karl and his brother each picked 2-3 kids out of the crowd.  Karl picked my brother, and his brother picked me.  They then gave us a quick personal lesson, a free Karl Malone fishing pole (Yes he had his own line of fishing gear) and signed autographs for us all.

Then there was the time my dad won tickets for us to watch John Stockton break the steals record.  We got a special certificate to show that we were there.  Luckily he got a steal that night! Usually the only game we got to go to was the free one with Jr. Jazz, so this was a real treat!

My favorite story would have to be the time I got John Stockton to sign that certificate.  My dad took us to watch the end of a Jazz practice and John had been the only player on the entire team that wouldn't stop to sign autographs for us. There had only been about 6-10 people there, but he wouldn't do it.  So my little brother and I waited outside in the parking lot of Westminster College for John Stockton to leave the gym from the locker room.  Of course he was the very last one out of the gym. Even though we were the only two there, and both little kids (our parents were within sight), he only agreed to sign if we would walk with him to his car so he didn't have to stop.  (Yes this was a dream come true, he is still easily my favorite player of all time)

I can now add #DaveWeek to the list of dreams come true.  Last week two of my friends told me that they missed seeing me.  They wondered when I would be able to get together with them again.  They decided to dedicate this entire week to me, and to call it #DaveWeek.

The week is only half over, but it has surpassed even my wildest dreams and expectations.  To keep this from getting too long, I will just briefly talk about my experience yesterday at the Jazz game.  You can check out the rest of the week here:

We got to the Jazz game an hour early and were able to go down onto the court.  Right as we got there Jeff Hornacek walked by.  I'm not someone who is shy, so I quickly asked him if I could get a picture with him.  Even though he was on his way out, he stopped.  He said, "wouldn't you rather get your picture with Enes?"  We said, "No, we would rather get one with you."  He gladly obliged, and was on his way.  I have always had a lot of respect for Jeff and would have been happy if this was where the story ended.  But it isn't!

We went to our seats, which were on the very top row and enjoyed the first quarter.  Several more of my friends joined us and they brought some of the most amazing signs I have ever seen!

Before halftime, we went to go watch the half time report.  Alema Harrington and Thurl Bailey saw our signs and looked at us inquisitively during their report.  When halftime was over Alema came over to ask us what #DaveWeek was all about.  He was super nice and asked us if we wanted to come on the stage and get a picture with him.  Obviously we said yes.

Wait, it's not over yet!  After the game we went down and got Matt Harpring to sign our posters.  Even though my head was not on a stick, he still thought it was a pretty great.  Not only did he play football, but it turns out he is also quite an artist.

Having had the most amazing night, we began to walk up the stairs to go home.  Except who should we bump into?  David Locke!  He may have been the nicest one of all, I was very impressed that he took a few minutes to talk to us.  He was even in the middle of doing his write up for the game.  He cared enough to even ask us for our names, although when I went to introduce myself he said, "Oh, I already know you!" (From Twitter).  

He then gave us shout-out the next day on his podcast.  Listen specifically from about 1:10-1:52. 

I may have been on the top row, instead of the front with Greg Miller, but this week has truly been a dream.  Plus, I already met Greg Miller about a month ago.  (Although you can invite me to come sit with you anytime Greg!)

So dreams really do come true, and #DaveWeek may have been my greatest one yet!


Stacie said...

LOVE IT! Such a great post and thats awesome all the people you got to run into that night. The posters rock!

megan said...

K seriously, I was just thinking the other night how badly I want to sit down there, and what I have to do to snag an invite from Greg! How'd they score that?? The best day was when I got credentials for a game last year. Got to sit near Matt Harpring and Craig Bollerjack at dinner, interviewed Jerey Sloan (didn't dare ask any questions though, haha), so cool!