Wednesday, January 18, 2012

David the Basketball Player

Story written by one of my 4th grade students, shared with permission.
Dedicated to my teacher: Mr. Horan
Written by: Name removed for privacy

Once there was a person named David Joel Horan.  He was a teacher.  He loved sports, especially basketball.  He was really good at basketball and liked to play it.  But he was a teacher, and that was about to change.

Chapter 1: D-Will
One day when David came home from teaching school he changed in basketball clothes and got in his car.  He was going to the park.  He was going to play basketball on their basketball court.  Later while he was playing basketball, the famous basketball player D-Will saw him playing basketball.  D-Will thought it was really good, he told David that he had a good chance for being a famous basketball player like him.  David was way way excited when he said that.  A half an hour later David went home.  He called all the family members he had.  They were all excited too!

Chapter 2: A Phone Call
The next day while David was eating breakfast his phone rang.  When he answered it, the person on the other end was D-Will!  D-Will told David that he needs to go to the Jazz Stadium at 6:00 PM that day to try out to be on the team!  At 5:53 PM he arrived at the stadium  At exactly 6:00 PM he tried out for the team.  At the end of tryouts they said he made the team!

Chapter 3: The End
So he played on that team and he thought it was way fun!......but he missed his class especially (The Author)! The End.

Glad I wasn't one of the Jazz fans booing DWill this past week, thanks for helping me make the team!  I also am glad that I arrived 7 minutes early to the stadium.  Maybe I could still teach my class via Skype or something.  I really would miss them! -Dave


The Purple Lady said...

Stories like this remind me of why I want to teach. I like your commentary, too. Thanks for sharing.

GrandmaBev said...

It is always interesting to hear what young people think about.