Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear Future 4th Grader

I had my 4th graders write letters to my future students.  They gave them tips, or information on what to expect, and to help those that might be scared. I know this is a little long, but here are some of my favorite parts from all of the letters. Each paragraph is part of a different student's letter.

Dear Future 4th Grader,

4th grade was my best school year. If you are scared a little at first that is okay. I was too but then I found out that Mr. Horan cares about us and that he is really nice and if you are good that you will get rewarded.

You are the luckiest kid in the school! Mr. Horan is the nicest teacher in the world!  The funnest thing is MATH! It is so fun! And it is really easy once you get it down.

You can earn prizes and Horan bucks. If you are good you can play a math game like buzz. If you come early or stay after school you can get help with your homework. Mr. Horan is funny and nice. Another game you can play is birthday math, it's so much fun!  Make sure you have fun!

Have a great year with Mr. Horan! He's one of the best teachers you will ever get! I have never heard him yell, not once! (If you had a teacher who yells before you'll understand how nice this is) He lets you know you are a special person.  You will have an amazing time in this classroom. You will have so much fun, so don't go home saying it was boring!

It will be a very fun and exciting year with Mr. Horan. TIPS: Don't talk to anyone when Mr. Horan is talking. Fun Things: The field trip to camp Floyd is a very long ride, but very fun, you'll love it. At the end of the year you'll be square dancing and yes you'll be dancing with a boy. Personal Experiences: When or if you get in a fight with a friend or just anyone then tell Mr. Horan as soon as possible. You'll have a wonderful year with Mr. Horan and your other classmates. It will be really fun.

Here are a couple of facts about Mr. Horan. 1. Very nice. 2. Cool. 3. Humorous. 4. Rewarding. 5. Discipline. 6. Very smart. 7. Nice Looking. 8. Likes fitness. 9. Likes Jazz. 10. Likes basketball.

You will really like being in Mr. Horans class he is a great teacher. I had a great time being in his class. Make sure you pay attention and turn in everything because it takes a long time to get them back in. I think you will have a fun time in his class because I think he makes learning fun. That's how it was for me. Tips: Don't talk, pay attention, & have a great time! U will love this year it was the BEST!

Mr. Horan loves it when he gets to work with you one-on-one when you need help. He's patient, but you have to be good or you'll lose points! You can earn "class points" by being good. Once you get 20 class points, you get a class party! Tips: Be good and you'll get opportunities! Don't be nervous, everybody makes mistakes! Don't be embarrassed to ask questions, but try to listen hard! Mr. Horan is funny, but don't think that you can shout things out and get up and dance whenever you want!

You are lucky to get Mr. Horan. You should not debate with him, he always wins. By the time you read this I will be in 5th Grade, so don't come looking for me.

If you are scared, don't be! Mr. Horan is a fun, nice teacher.  Here are some things to look forward to. First, Rendezvous. They are class stores that are really fun! Second, the field trip. You go to a place called Camp Floyd. Third, your year books, you carve things into wood!

I really hope you enjoy 4th grade.  I had so much fun with Mr. Horan this year! You are going to get to do the Utah Program, you might even get a part!

One hint is that fourth grade can get a little hard. So work as hard as you can! You will be smart I know it! Have a fun year and learn lots.

4th grade is going to be hard but fun. You get to learn a lot about science and do projects that are so cool. You'll become super smart. Rendezvous are so much fun. You get to bring things and sell them for Horan bucks and also buy things. You'll do so much new things that you can't do in lower grades. P.S. You have reading buddies!

Try not to be shy at the beginning of the school year. Find some new friends! Do NOT do BAD things in class try to be good. You can do what you want at recess, til then be good in class. P.S. do what Mr. Horan says. Be nice and U R AWESOME!

I moved here in the middle of the school year and I was very scared because I didn't know if I would make any friends, and because I did not know who my teacher was or if he would be nice. But Mr. Horan is a great teacher. You get to do lots of fun things, one of my favorites was when we made pictures and burned them on wood. You will have a great school year Mr. Horan is a great, nice and awesome teacher.

I am going to tell you about Mr. Horan and things about this class. If you are scared about 4th grade, don't be. 4th grade is fun and I loved it. If you have never had a boy teacher before and you are scared about that, don't be. I was but I shouldn't have been. Mr. Horan is the BEST! You should look forward to the school year! I AM SO GLAD I HAD MR. HORAN!

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Melissa said...

hahahaha. "Don't come looking for me." That was my favorite part. At least no one said you "turn into a monster."