Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mr. Above Average

There they were on the table, our 6th grade class yearbooks! Inside the contents were filled with all kinds of things, stories we wrote, what we did that year, but there was only one thing we were interested in, the awards!

Several weeks ago, we had all filled out who we thought was the best athlete, smartest student, class clown, etc.  I couldn’t wait to see what I was going to be, I really had no idea.  I was good at a lot of things, but what I looked forward to most, was being able to say I am the best at something!

I quickly sat down at my desk. It felt like the yearbooks were staring at me, begging to be opened.  The bell rang, we said the pledge, our teacher reminded us of the schedule for the final day, and then finally, began to pass them out.  

Why did I have to be in the back, I thought. I should have talked more this year, then I could have been in the front with all the kids that needed...a little extra attention.  Wait, I’m losing focus! One more row, two seats away, it’s here!

I flipped through the pages. Where is it? What am I the best at? How am I going to be remembered? I started at the beginning, for each category they had one boy and one girl. First on the list was Stephen and Melissa as the Class Clowns. Then Chris and Lindsay for Boy/Girl Crazy. I wasn’t smartest! Oh, that’s OK, those two were kind of nerdy. Most athletic? Nope...

All the good awards had been taken, I was beginning to worry if I had even gotten one.  Maybe they hadn’t been able to come up with anything. Do you think they had decided after all that I had no talents or special skills?  All of my worst fears were beginning to come true.

Finally, at the very end, I found my name! I was the only one not matched up with a girl, but at least I hadn’t been forgotten! I read it, David Horan -- Best All Around Student. Really? I wanted to cry, they really HADN’T been able to think of anything for me.  I don’t think I could have been more disappointed.  So I’m alright at a lot of stuff, whoopty doo!

While everyone else was winking at the guy/girl that was matched up with them, or smiling about their choice, I just wanted to sign have a great summer a few dozen times and get out of there. See you later elementary school, way to hold back one of the greatest minds of our generation! On to Jr. High, where I might finally be able to find that one special thing I could really excel at.

A little overreaction? Maybe, but sometimes a guy just wants to feel special.  You know how it is don’t you? *Spoiler* I did win an award in 8th grade, but only because a boy in my class was making fun of me, we’ll get to that later.

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