Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Future Fourth Grader

Every year I have my students write the students that I'm going to have the following year. It's always a little scary the first day, especially for many that are having their first boy teacher! Usually I do this with a few weeks left, but this year it ended up getting pushed to the last day or two. Even though they rushed through and were mostly distracted at this point, I still got some great responses. If you ever need a pick me up, become a teacher! Typing this up got me even more excited for the new year!

My favorite part about 4th grade:

  • You have Mr. Horan thats amazing he is the funniest wierdest teacher ever.
  • Is Mr. Horan because in my opion he's the best teacher in the forth grade.
  • My favorite is Mr Horan becase he is nice he does not yell.
  • Fourth grade is AWESOME!!! Mr. Horan is AWESOME!!!
  • Expect awesomeness.
  • Everything!
  • Playing football with Mr. Horan.
  • has to be Mr. Horan

My favorite part about Mr. Horan:

  • is he is really funny and laughs alot. He is really nice, (nicer then all the other teachers)!
  • Is that he would try his hardest to make us happy.
  • Is that he do NOT yell.
  • He dosen't yell.
  • Is that he's funny and nice.
  • He is so nice and he never yells.
  • He is an athlete.
  • Everything about hem.
  • His laugh.
  • Is that he's funny, nice, cool he's the best teacher in the world.
  • He never yells and he is so calm too. If the class is good than u will get an award.
  • He plays kickball with you. He is awesome fast!
  • He is relly nice and likes sports.
  • His personality.
  • All his ways to remember things.
  • He has a good sence of humer and hes really good at sports.
  • his awesomeness.
  • That's hard (not) he's funny.


  • Just be good and you'll have the best year.
  • Don't talk.
  • Keep quiet so you don't lose all your class points. Pay attention to the math lesson because he might end it early.
  • #1 pay attention you won't want to miss a single word he says. #2 Mr. Horan loves strawberries.
  • Stay on task do your best and you will be on task.
  • Do not talk! Have fun! Read!
  • Be good. Go above and beyond. (Be a little funny). But most of all earn as much horan bucks as possible.
  • I hope you have a great time here. I also hope 4th grade is your best year just like mine was. I hope you know your times tables for buzz.
  • Read when u are supposed to, try to get A's, you can talk but only when u are supposed to, make good friends.
  • Be good and the teacher will like you.
  • Pie is yummy, impress teachers, don't be like me.
  • Be good, don't talk, and organize.
  • Always listen, be quiet, follow the rules, try your hardest.
  • Don't be scared!

Some of my favorite things we did this year:

  • Math and, science.
  • Mystery Skype, cause you get to see other people from other states.
  • Rendezvous
  • Reading buddies.
  • Field day, everything was fun.
  • Rendezvous, math, P.E., lunch.
  • No missing assignment reward days.
  • Rondayvos, Mr. Horan, recess.
  • Camp Floyd.
  • When the mountain man came.
  • Wood burning.
  • Buzz.
  • Pioneer day.
  • End of year dance.

I could never get Mr. Horan to tell me:

  • Answers on the end of the year test.
  • To tell me the internet password.
  • Why I couldn't sit by _____.
  • If he is republicin or democatic.
  • The school wi-fi, his phone #, his address.
  • Nothing I ask him questions and he always haves a answer.
  • Who he voted for in the election.
  • Who he voted for.
  • Where he lives.
  • Were he lives.
  • Who he voted for.
  • Who he voted for.
  • If he liked Obama or Romny.
  • About his love life.

This is why this is going to be your best year ever:

  • 4th grade was my favorite grade because of the fun things we did and an awesome teacher Mr. Horan. He is cool, funny, and nice plus really fun. Trust me, 4th grade is great, don't be scared and have fun, but be good or else you'll get a piece of tape or your class will have extra homework!
  • Because you have a funny nice teacher he never yells he never gets mad. Mr Horan is the best teacher ever.
  • Because you have Mr. Horan!
  • Mr. Horan is the best and he is not mean.
  • You have a cool guy teacher.
  • Mr. Horan never yells, class money, he's funny, it will be awesome trust me!
  • Because Mr. Horan is a great teacher.
  • Because of Mr. Horan he's the best teacher a kid could ever have.
  • Because I had the best teacher EVER!
  • You are going to have a really good time. Mr. Horan never yelled once!
  • Mr. Horan is one of the best ever. Hes so fun and cool and awesome and nice.
  • Because you got Mr. Horan!!!

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Jimmy & Amy said...

You are an awesome teacher! I'm sure going to miss working with you! Take care of the kiddos I sent you. You were very highly requested! I even had to turn several kids down!