Monday, August 16, 2010

Year in Review

Every August I do a lot of reflecting.  It is my birthday as well as the time when school starts.  I usually set goals and think about where I was a year ago and where I would like to be in a year.  One year ago on August 1st I joined Twitter.  The main reason I got it was because I heard Deron Williams posted some awesome stuff there and I go NBA crazy in the summer when nothing is going on.  Since then I have gotten into it and especially during conference I can go a little crazy, I apologize.  In a little over a year I have 256 tweets that I have saved on there.  I went through today and read them all and it is amazing what has happened in the past year.  I went from finishing my first year of teaching and living in an apartment to now starting my 3rd and living in my new house.  I have picked some of my favorites, about 40 to share with you as part of my year in review.  I have divided them into two parts, today will be things I posted and next time will be some of my favorite quotes.  Remember a 'tweet' can only be 140 characters long so sometimes you have to get creative.  In true twitter style starting with the most recent and going to a year ago:

As I was driving today I decided that if I ever own a deli my slogan will be: Get in my Deli! Dave's Delightful Deli Debuts December!

Yesterday @woodypaige said If you can read this thank your teacher. No thanks, so either they can't read or they don't watch @AroundTheHorn.

Today I used @oldspice deodorant, body wash and after shave. Mountains crumbled before me then grew 2X as tall as a monument to my greatness.

I added blueberries and a banana to my protein shake today, instead of strawberries and a banana. I love when I get creative in the kitchen.

My pillow exploded in the wash, are you not supposed to do that? So I am conveniently on my way to wal-mart.

Make the @glennbeck pledge. I pledge to practice faith, hope and charity.

5 of the 9 options in the District Soda Machine are Diet Coke and 2 are Coke. I guess we know what teachers like. Drinking Fountain for me!

Lebron finally made a decision, to join twitter... @kingjames

I have been watching this program, what's great about america. We really are lucky and live in an amazing place.

Isner tied at 59, continues tomorrow. This set alone easily beat the previous record for longest match. Amazing!

@Utah_Jazz I am really excited about the draft party! I hope that if I boo, it will be because we are getting our next John Stockton.

I am excited for grandparents day today, especially because one of my students grandparents were my mission presidents! Can't wait to see em.

I am now the proud owner of a ladder! A guy came to my house today and asked if I was remodeling, I said no I just don't own anything.

I have a tweetimony of conference! RT @LDSTroy I love being a 'Twaint' in the Twitter Stake of Zion. #ldsconf

Just watched DWill on the Jazz do the chicken dance. It was awesome!

You can change the words in my mission statement but you cant change my desire 2 B a positive influence for good in the lives of my students.

Old Spice has such amazing commercials! I commit you to buy their products and support their writers, I promise it will bless your life. 6:19 PM Feb 14th via web

I decided the only thing more boring than watching cars drive in circles all day is to watch a pot hole get fixed, Nascar fans did both.

Finally went and saw Avatar, loved it, even though Pocahontas was played by a giant blue lady.

We just had someone fish us a Merry Christmas. What are we going to do with the fish though?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Turkey Suit Up!

You can't buy the necessities of life with cookies.

If you would have told me two months ago that Real Salt Lake was going to win the Eastern Conference Finals I would have called you crazy.

I love General Conference! So far my favorite line though, is how the kids sing songs about streams that talk and trees that grow popcorn.

Today I learned that prayer works. During the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting, he blessed us that we would not fall asleep, I didn't :(

Suppose you buy an item that costs $5.03, why might you give the salesperson $10.03? My student answered: Because he'll just give it back.

So that is a small part of my year in review, some of these will make no sense to most of you, but they brought back a lot of memories for me. 

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