Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chapter 2: Before I Was, There Were...

A continuation of my auto biography written as a 16 year old.

Chapter 2: Before I Was, There Were

I have had many people influence me over the years.  My mom and dad have influenced me the most.  They have raised me since I was a very very little boy.  They read to me, and played games with me.  They have always tried to teach me the best they knew how.  They have almost always been a perfect example of what you should do.  They were always willing to help me with homework, even when I didn't want them to.  They care very much about me, sometimes to much I think, but it's always nice to have someone that cares about you.

My Grandpa Horan also helped a lot.  He lived in Orem, only 3 miles away from where we live.  He used to go golfing everyday and then stop at our house and get a cookie and a glass of water.  He would talk to us and tell us stories and eat his cookie and drink his glass of water and then go home.  He was the nicest guy you could ever meet.  He always talked to everybody he saw.  All of the neighbor kids that lived around him called him Grandpa Russ.  He died a little under 2 years ago, but I will always remember what a nice guy he was and how much fun I had being around him.

I have always had a lot of great friends, we have a lot of fun.  Jared and I always used to play basketball together when we were in elementary school.  He would come over before school and we would play until we needed to leave.  We used to do almost everything together until I went to Jr. High and he was still in 6th grade.  But we still do things together now and still have a lot of fun.

Brandon and Jeff moved next door to me the summer after I was in 4th grade.  We basically lived at each others houses during Jr. High.  Especially during the summer.  We would talk for hours about a lot of thing, play night-games, Nintendo, basketball, soccer, and hockey.  I can always turn to them when I need to know something.  We stick by each other and I think we must have the record for inside jokes.  Especially between me and Jeff, we could talk for an hour and have nobody understand a thing that we said.

Denika was the first girl that I was ever really friends with.  Before then it had been all boys.  We became good friends in 9th grade, we told each other everything.  It was nice to have a girls opinion every once in a while, and to talk about different things than you get just with boys.  But once I went to Orem High and she was still in Jr. High we haven't done much.  But still today if I ever need to talk she will listen.

Near the end of Jr. High I met this awesome girl named Jessie.  We weren't able to do much that summer, because we were both really busy or on vacation.  The next year we also didn't do as much because we were at different schools, but this year we have become really good friends again, and she has taken over for Denika on who I usually go to first when I need a girls opinion.

I didn't know Jake until about 8th grade, but ever since then we have the funniest times together.  During my High school years he has come over most every day.  He is almost as funny as me, or maybe even more.  We have the greatest times when we are together.  We don't have tons in common or talk about as deep of things as I do with Brandon, Jeff, Denika, or Jessie, but there is never a dull moment when we are together.

There are many others like Rachel, Matt, Jeremy, Brock, Alex, D.J., Raman, Jarom, K.J., Annie, Macie, and many others, but these are the main ones that have stood by me most of my life.  They have helped me out, or just been someone I could talk to and have fun with.

Current Commentary:
I will have to add another chapter about friends and people who have been important in my life my Senior year, mission, and college life.  I have been lucky to still remain good friends with these people from high school.  Jared and I who used to hang out in Elementary school have been roommates for about 5 years.  Jake, Jeremy and Matt and I have all been roommates.  Jake and I still laugh a lot, but we also have amazing deep conversations now about all kinds of things.  I wish I saw more of Brandon, Jeff, and Jessie, and the others, but a few times a year we still all try and get together.  I guess I need to get married, I'm sure it would be slightly easier then.  These are the people that made me who I am, I am a better person for knowing and associating with each and every one of them.


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