Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dave: The Story of my Life

So I have been working on getting the framework of my auto-biography done.  Most of this was written when I was 16.  Pay special attention to the word framework.  It is not super exciting right now because it's missing what makes any biography great, the stories.

That is where you come in, if you have any or many memories of me please add them to the comments where they most logically would fit.  Remember my posterity could someday see this and although I am fine if they are embarrassing, we are looking for good, honest memories.  You can also write it in a message and send it to me on facebook or e-mail me.

You are more than welcome to read some or all of this, but like I said, right now I am just throwing stuff out there and this summer I will try and make it more readable and flowing.  I appreciate your help and for all that you have meant to me and my life.  My life would have been nothing without you, and right now my auto-biography is basically nothing without you.  So comment away!  Thanks.

Also sorry if I missed anything or anyone, luckily we can get this fixed and add in that super important thing I forgot.  I couldn't even begin to include everything, but if it's good enough that you remember it after this long, it's good enough to write down.

Chapter 1: Intro
Chapter 2: Before I was, there were
Chapter 3: Birth-Pre-School
Chapter 4: Elementary School
Chapter 5: I grew up here
Chapter 6: Games/Activities I liked
Chapter 7: My First Love
Chapter 8: I wish I could see ___ again
Chapter 9: Jr. High
Chapter 10: Sophomore Year Classes
Chapter 10: Part 2: Sophomore Year
Chapter 11: Junior year 2000-01
Chapter 12: Senior Year 2001-02
Chapter 13: Pre-Mission/Miller
Chapter 14: Mission
Chapter 15: Glenwood/El.Ed.Program
Chapter 16: Sparks
Chapter 17: Now/Other

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GrandmaBev said...

looks like a good outline.