Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chapter 11: Y2K

Project Me, written as a 16 year old has come to an end, but there is much more that has not been written.  Frankly, it's much more interesting, because it involves dating, college, mission, and becoming a teacher.  It is where I go from man-child to pure man.  Once again this is purely for me, but you are more than welcome to read through it.  At this point I am just trying to get my ideas out and then possibly this summer organizing it all better and making it a little more readable.  For anyone who has actually tried to read all this, I am sure a good chunk of this was not that interesting to you, but I hope in the end my finished product will at least be interesting enough that my family will be able to learn more about me.  So here it goes, my Jr Year at Orem High School.

My Jr. Year of school began with high hopes and dreams.  All of my friends were now at the same school as me.  Not only that, but this year I would be able to drive and date!  It kind of stunk the year before that I wasn't able to date when it felt like the majority of the school could.  So when a week into the school year I had my birthday, I looked around for that lucky girl who would get to be my first date.  Then realized, wait all of my friends are a year younger than me...

It took me a few months before I ended up going on any dates.  Finally, I decided not to wait and realized there were plenty of amazing girls that were 16!  My first date was with Macie, we had been friends for a few years and I doubled with my good friend Raman.  It went well and I decided this dating thing wasn't too bad, so I went on a few more.  I did not date a lot this year, but my group of friends did a ton together.  Occasionally there was some pairing off in the group, but most of the time we just had a lot of fun together.  Plus, I was always told you shouldn't have a girlfriend before your mission, so I never tried to be anything more than friends.

The musicals we put on this year were Pippen and Bye Bye Birdie.  Pippen was an interesting show.  Looking back it was one of my favorites, but at the time I didn't really know what to think about it.  Everyone began the musical all dressed in black, looking the same.  We were able to do crazy face paint or hairstyles, but other than that we were identical.  Then depending on where the story was going you would add to your outfit to become the characters needed.  The main storyline revolved around a young prince in search for the meaning of life, at least that is what my yearbook is telling me.

Bye Bye Birdie was a also a great musical.  I was able to have my biggest part up to this point.  Due to my great singing voice, and my ability to blend well, I was placed in a quartet.  We were able to sing and be in several scenes.  It was nice to continue to earn more recognition and get bigger and better parts.  My Sophomore year they found ways to have me on stage a lot, but now as  Junior, I was now getting to be more of a focus.

This was the first year that I did not play soccer.  I had to make a decision on if I wanted to work really hard and try out for the school team.  Was it going to be my one and only priority or was I going to continue to be involved with everything else I was doing.  I had to let something go, the year before just did not work out.  I had spread myself to thin and did not excel in anything.  Something had to go and this was it.  It was a wise choice, I wasn't that good.  I missed it, but I was still able to play with my friends.

I actually tried to pursue my acting career instead.  Raman and I decided to sign up with an agency.  They tried to get you parts and then took a percentage of whatever you made.  I got calls to be an extra in Touched by an Angel and for a LDS commercial.  Unfortunately they were filming during school, and after my bad grades the year before my mom did not want me to miss school.  After this they stopped calling and I was never able to get my foot into the door of television.  Several of my friends were in commercials, movies and most notably, around here, was Dustin Harding who was cast as Joseph Smith in the Restoration.  I know Rachel Woodward had a few lines in a Disney Channel Movie and Brittany Williams was the star of a church commercial.  There may have been others, but I was never one of them.

For choir tour this year we went to San Diego.  We were able to go to Sea World, the beach, the zoo, and the San Diego Temple, yes we went to the temple.  I forgot to mention that last year when we went to New York it was during the time they were dedicating a temple there. The majority of us went to one of the local churches and watched the dedication.  I am pretty sure not many schools have gone to a temple dedication and to the temple.  We didn't have time to actually do anything, or go in, but it was fun to walk around.

This year I roomed with two of my best friends Raman and Jarom Moore, at least that is what I am guessing.  I couldn't find any photographic evidence of my hotel room and we probably had a fourth person as well.  Raman and Jarom have been two of my best friends since Jr. High.  Somehow they have not made it into this auto-biography much, but they should be.  Raman, Malinda and I called ourselves the 3 otters. 

The only dance I went to this year was Prom.  I took Jessica Bitter.  She was a senior and had been in choir with me the past two years.  We were really good friends and it was a lot of fun.  My group included Raman, K.J., Annie, Jorge, Alene, Jeremy, Erin, and Candie.

Without the help of my journal, I don't remember much more.  This is a very rough draft.


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GrandmaBev said...

Glad you are getting things written down. The more time that passes the more things you forget. Glad you learned that you can't do everything and do them well.