Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chapter 7: My First Love

Chapter 7 of my Project Me assignment as a 16 year old.  I totally took the easy way out on this, come on 16 year old me!  Although it is still very true.

Chapter 7:  My First Love

I thought and thought about who my first love was.  Depends what you mean by love, the first person I liked in kindergarten?  The first person where I knew that we liked each other?  The first girl I dated?  I have liked a few people here and there and had many crushes, but there is one person that I have known since right before I went into elementary school that I love very much.

One Christmas I asked Santa for a baby.  He said I would have to talk to my parents about that one, but ever since I had been born I had wanted a little brother or sister.

Finally, I got one, my little brother Jonathan.  Jonathan was born on the 4th of July 1989.  My parents named him Jonathan because David and Jonathan were good friends in the Bible and they wanted us to be friends.  From the time that he was born the two of us have always been close to each other, and I have loved him very much.

As soon as he could walk he would follow me around everywhere.  I would go to my friends house and within a minute or two he had found a way to get there, then about 10 seconds later my mom would be there to take him back home.  He has always thought that he was part of our group, and many times he was.

He is really funny and can make you laugh by saying anything.  He can tell a joke that is farm from funny, and doesn't even make sense, and have everybody in the room laughing for minutes.

He is interested in all of the things that I am, so I have fun teaching him things and having fun with him.  We love to play basketball, computer games, cards games, and board games together.

I will always love my little brother, he will always be a special friend.

Current Commentary:
I still don't know if I really have ever had my first love.  I have gotten close to a lot of people in many different ways, but I don't think I can call it love.  Hopefully that chapter of my life comes sooner than later.



GrandmaBev said...

Loved the pictures. You will always be glad you are close to your brother and family. What a blessing that is.

Melissa said...

Oh Dave! Can you PLEASE start parting your hair down the middle again? :)