Monday, January 3, 2011

Chapter 8

Chapter 8:  I Wish I Could See _____ Again.

There isn't anybody that I wish I could see again.  I haven't ever had a friend move away and I have lived at the same house my entire life.  I have always gotten new friends along the way, but never lost any.  Sometimes I wish that I could see some of them a little more often.  Or maybe meet someone that I have never gotten to before though.

I didn't have a ton of friends in elementary school.  I don't really remember many people I did stuff with outside of school besides Jared, Jeff and Brandon.  They all still live by me and we still do things together, so there is nobody to really miss from this part of my life.

Some of my friends from Canyon View Jr. High went to Timpanogos High School, but I still get to see them when I go to play soccer games where we play them, but none of my close friends went there.  All of my circle of friends are with me at Orem High still, plus I have gained several new friends since I got here.

So far I have been lucky in having my friends with me.  I just hope that I can keep this luck with me when I go to college.  That will be a whole lot harder, but there I might make even better friends, and who knows, maybe I will find a wife.

Current Commentary:
I have been privileged to still have a lot of my childhood friends involved in my life.  I have lived in several apartments in BYU housing and they have all been filled with my friends.  I have known them all since high school, many even earlier: Jared Davis, Matt Melville, Jake Glazier, Jeremy Jensen, Dan Meservy, and others.  I don't see a lot of my friends as much, we have all grown up, many have families.  But I still feel like they would be there for me in a second if I needed them, and I would be there for them.  I will never be rich, but in what counts, I have all the riches in the world.


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GrandmaBev said...

Friends are special. Glad you have some special one.