Sunday, January 16, 2011


All of my friends were home from their missions now.  It was summer time and I always moved out for the summers.  2007 was no different, except for the fact that I was moving out for good.  Sparks was going to be my new home for at least a year, which ended up being two years.

Matt Melville had some friends that lived there, and so that is where we chose.  I am trying to remember who the original group of us were.  Well, here are all the people that lived in that apartment, with me, in those two years.  We never had an opening, someone always took the empty spots as quick as they could.  Either friends, or people living in other apartments that wanted in with us.  Matt, Jared, Dan, Jeremy, Jake, Spencer, Patrick, Jaren, Denny, Jose and Chris.  I hope I didn't forget anyone.  Jared and I were the only ones that were there the entire time that I was there.

When I moved in I told myself that I had to start giving girls more of a chance.  My first year there I had two brief relationships.  They each taught me different things, and were both not right for me for completely opposite reasons.  I don't think I would really even call either of them relationships, but more learning experiences.  Sometimes before you can find the right one sometimes you have to find what doesn't work first.

My second year there I started student teaching, and I was made the Elders Quorum President, and I had my first real girlfriend.  Needless to say, life was a little crazy.  I felt like I had three very important things, and each of them were worthy of my sole undivided attention.  None of them truly got the time and effort they deserved.  I felt like I did my best though.  Luckily I had great counselors, a great teacher to work with, and a great girl.

After dating for about three months or so we broke up.  I would have loved for it to work out, but it felt like we were just trying to force it after a while.  We both agreed that we needed to break up.  She was great and I was a better person for being around her.  At the same time I felt like a little weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I graduated, no longer had a girlfriend, and they released me from my calling at the end of the semester.  I went from looking like a zombie, to having absolutely nothing to do.  I was looking for a job, but that was about it.  I interviewed for 3 jobs and 2 of them gave me offers.  One at Snow Springs Elementary teaching 5th grade and one at Freedom Elementary teaching 4th grade.  4th grade was what I student taught, and I loved Freedom Elementary.  They had a bunch of cool technology stuff, and everything I knew about the principal was really great.

Meanwhile, back to Sparks.  I had a TON of fun.  Slurpee runs, making forts, Arches National Park, parades, going running, dance parties, drives up the canyon, pool parties, Rock Band, and an amazing California road trip.

I kept some friends the entire time, and some apartments we cycled through each semester.  In 2008 I discovered this strange thing called a blog.  I have done a pretty good job of updating things since then. So I am going to let this project be done, for now.


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Matt and Lecia said...

I'm on your blog! Well, just the back of my head, but still. Oh and my husband is mentioned by name. I feel famous :) But really, I'm glad we were friends during our time at Sparks! Thanks for all those heart to heart talks while running.