Monday, December 27, 2010

Project Me: Chapter 1

As I was going through some old stuff I found an English project from 11th grade.  We wrote a little auto-biography about ourselves which includes 10 chapters.  I am going to add a chapter a day, more for my sake than yours.  It is interesting to me on what I thought back then. I will end each post with some current commentary.

Chapter 1:  Introduction of Myself

I was born August twenty-sixth, nineteen-eighty four, in the Provo, Utah hospital.  I was born two months early, weighting only three pounds and eleven ounces.  I came out of my mom backwards, which usually isn't a good thing.  The doctor told my parents that I was going to be the neighborhood bully, because I was such a fighter.  But in the end, once I finally gout out of the hospital, everything was fine.  I have never gotten into a real fight in my life.  I weigh a lot more, and I still live in Happy Valley Utah.

Short-term goals:
I want to get a 4.0 at least once in my life.  I got a 3.97 one time, but I want to get a 4.0.  I want to graduate from Orem High School.  Then go to UVSC and graduate from there with some cool degree.  I also want to go on a mission.  If I had a choice of where I went right now it would probably be New Zealand, because they have my favorite animal there, the Kiwi Bird.

Long-term goals:
 Get married in the temple to a really nice, smart, caring, and amazingly attractive girl.  Get a job that I enjoy, and that makes a reasonable amount of money, have 3-4 kids, be in a famous musical group, have my own stand up comedy show, sing on the streets of New York for money (last time I sung in New York all we won was a 1st place trophy), write eight books, and have the biggest, most famous stamp collection in the world.

Present Commentary:
I still think it's funny that the doctor thought I was going to be a bully.  One thing about our family, we are fighters, but more so in our desire to live life.  I was so excited to live life that I came out 2 months early.  We don't like to sit still for to long.  I must have got this fighting spirit from my mom.  As I have watched her the past few  years fighting for her life in a battle against Cancer, (Lung, Liver, Colon), Sepsis, and other things, I have been amazed. She is stronger than anyone I know. I remember one day that someone was bringing our family dinner, but she heard about someone else going through something and so she cooked them dinner.  She just continues to serve and help those around her, even when she has been stuck in a hospital bed the past few weeks I am sure she finds a way to help those around her.

I did pretty well on reaching those goals.  I did get a 4.0, it wasn't until college though.  It was a lot easier to get good grades when I just focused on school instead of basketball, soccer, singing, acting, helping mascot the football games, girls, and countless other things, although I guess I should have still focused on girls a little more.  I also thought that it was interesting that as Jr. I had already planned on going to UVSC instead of BYU.  That was the best decision I ever made, well probably not ever, but I LOVED it there!  I didn't get sent to New Zealand on my mission, but I loved every minute of being in Seattle, God knew what he was doing.

As far as the long term goals, I do have a job that I enjoy, I have had my singing on at least 3 cd's, one that has been listened to by millions of people all over the world (When I sung in the Priesthood session of LDS conference).  I don't have a comedy club, but I do have 33 people who come to listen to me everyday.  I have not written a book yet, and I have never in my life collected a single stamp, I don't know where that goal came from.  My long term goal of finding a nice, smart, caring, and amazingly attractive wife goal has now moved into the short-term goal range.  As soon as that happens I think that I have done a pretty good job of achieving my high school goals.



Lorraine said...

We did something like this when I was a Jr. in high school. You had some great goals!

GrandmaBev said...

Glad that goal of marriage has moved up. Your Mom is a great example of service. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.