Friday, December 31, 2010

Chapter 5: I Grew Up Here

I didn't post yesterday because I spent the night at my parents after not wanting to drive through the snow storm.  I don't want to get behind, I have other things to post besides things about me.  So today you are getting both chapter 4 and 5 of my autobiography, written as a 16 year old.  We are like halfway through my current life!

Chapter 5:  I Grew Up Here

I have always lived in my house in Orem, Utah.  My parents have lived there their entire marriage, it was even the place that they met, but that is another story for another time.  Even though I lived there my entire life I had a lot of places that I liked to go.  When I was little we would get season passes to the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater.  I would go and have a great time, I always wished that someday I could be up there on that stage.  I have been in a show there now, and we still get season passes and go and see everything there.

I also loved to go to my grandma and grandpa's house.  They lived just 3 miles away, so we could visit them often.  They also came to visit us often, my grandpa came over everyday after he finished golfing at Cascade Golf Course.  I always liked to do things with him because he always made me happy and I had a lot of fun.

I live right across the street from Canyon View Jr. High.  I could run home in between classes and get stuff that I had forgotten, it was great!  Orchard Elementary was just behind it as well.  So I have always liked to go the school to play on the playground.  My little brother and I used to run away from home (we always told our parents where we were going though, because it was a rule to tell them where we were going).  We would go to the playground and set up a fort on the big toys.  Then we would sit there and eat candy and listen to our radio.  In the winter we would go sledding there.

My friends, Jeff and Brandon's house, was always where we would hang out, especially during the summer.  We would go there and play soccer, basketball, hockey, or Nintendo.

I also liked to go to the Rec Center.  We got year passes a few times and went often.  I have always liked to swim and was on a swim team during the summers in 4th through 6th grades, until they stopped giving out ribbons for finishing 1st and instead focused on beating your own personal times.  I could not care less if I improved, I wanted proof that I was better than everyone else.  Once the competitive side of it was gone there was no point.

For fun our family liked to go bowling and miniature golfing.  I always liked doing this and often times could win or have really good scores.  Bowling has been one of my favorite things to do, but I don't get to do it very often.

Some of my favorite restaurants are Pizza Hut, Schlotsky's, Los Hermono's, Italian Place, Arby's, Wallaby's, Subway, and Golden Coral.

I also love to go to Seven Peaks, it's probably another water thing, I love being in the water!  It is one of my favorite places to go, hopefully this year my little brother and I can get a season pass.

These are a few of the places that I like to go here in wonderful Happy Valley Utah.

Current Commentary:
My parents still live in that house, I am so glad that I grew up there.  My dad actually worked in SLC and commuted up there everyday for over 30 years.  I can't imagine growing up anywhere else, I had the best group of friends.  I could not have dreamed up a better group of people to grow up with.  I know my mom would have loved to have lived in Arizona and it would have been convenient for my dad to live closer to Salt Lake, but thanks for letting me grow up there!

I just bought a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in Lehi this summer, hopefully my wife shows up at my doorstep soon too.  If my children luck out to have half as good of friends as me they will be lucky, and sorry you have to be Pioneers and wear purple kids...  You could be a beet digger...


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NOt many people stay in the same place their whole married life.